Levy discussed for 2018

The Levy was discussed at the November board meeting with lively discussion.  At the end, the levy for the Town Fund was proposed to be $680,000 and the levy for the road and bridge was proposed at $590,000.  

"Much progress has been made at the township in reform over the past eight years. The elected officials’ salaries were cut by 55% and their benefits and pensions eliminated. The township fund balance hovering over $1.051,000 has been spent down to 746,075. The levy which was $1,130,322 in 2011 has been slashed to $656,000. The “reserves” are just over $500,000 which is well under the one year recommendation," said Supervisor Darraugh.

"In the less than eight months I have been Shields Township Supervisor, I instituted additional cuts such as eliminating personnel, severing the food pantry off as an independent charitable organization, adding income through passport photo service and increasing interest income. Those decisions cut our projected budget deficit from over $59,000 to just over $17,000. The budget has been cut to the bone. The reserves are spent down. Now is the time to stop deficit spending and balance the budget while conserving the cuts. It is the fiscally responsible and conservative thing to do."

The next Board meeting was moved to Th Dec 14th at 6:30 pm due to the holiday.  Everyone is welcome to attend and make comments.