2018 Levy Set

After a lively discussion regarding the Town Fund levy, a 2.1% increased was passed with a pledge not to increase the following year.  Supervisor Darraugh noted, " Levies were dramatically decreased from $1,130,322 in 2007 to $656,000 in 2016.  That level was held for the last three years.  Impressive cuts were made across the board to reach this goal."  She goes on to say, "I've been able to cut another 5.8% out of our budget but we are still deficit spending.  I am concerned that the 2 year property tax freeze proposal nearly passed this year in the Illinois legislature could be passed next session.  After spending down our reserves for the past 10 years we are in a good position financially and need to balance the budget."  Supervisor Darraugh, Trustee Garrity and Trustee Strom voted in favor.  Trustee Blahunka and Trustee Brown voted against.  The Road and Bridge levy of $590,000 passed unanimously.