Basics of the Refuse Hauling contract



6132 Oakton Street

Morton Grove,  IL 60053

Customer service 773-685-8811


5 year contract with annual 3% increase

Begins on Dec 1, 2019

Once per week collection between the hours of 7 am to 7 pm on Wednesdays

INCLUDED for the monthly price $20.70

95 gallon cart will be provided by the hauler for unlimited service

65 gallon cart will be provided by hauler for recycling

$3.00 for each additional cart

One bulky item per week (one person can lift into a refuse truck)

Six week fall leaf collection program beginning in mid-October and running for a total of six weeks.  The amount of leaves is unlimited.  Unlimited is defined as 6 Kraft 35 gallon paper bags or bundle of branches.  Stickers for additional bags or bundles can be purchased through Shields Township for $3 each.

Yardwaste subscription service from April 1 to Nov 1 limited to six 32 gallon containers per week,  $150.00

Pay per bag/bundle sticker $3.00

Christmas tree collection for 2 weeks in January

Dumpster at Shields Township recycle rama once per year for electronics.  Dumpster will be available for one week to accept electronics. OR Curbside electronic pick up twice a year.

Customers that are age 65 and older will receive a 10% discount

Curbside white goods collection (appliances) for $30 per appliance