Food Pantry Lease

On Thurs Aug 15 at 6 pm a public meeting was called by the voters of Shields Township for the purpose of leasing to the Phoenix Rising Food pantry rent free.  There was standing room only as electors listened to discussion. Six speakers offered salient points to consider.   There were founding members of the pantry that gave some of the history and told of the need in all three communities served- Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and North Chicago.  They shared stories of how classmates came to the Township for help, single parents, residents who had fallen on hard times, elderly on fixed income and those with chronic devastating illness.    The cost for allowing the food pantry to lease rent free would cost the average resident about .22 per year.   Rob Wayne offered that every dollar spent on the food pantry leverages $10 of food.  By his calculations the saving of $150 a month to the food pantry would purchase $18,000 of food annually.  Past Supervisor Gayle Strenger Wayne shared that this conversation has been going on for 20 years and was saddened that it continues.  She emphasized that monies earned by passport fees supported the pantry in the past but they no longer received that income.  She further said that it is arrogant to believe that people in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff don’t fall on hard times and need the services of Shields Township. The vote passed on a unanimous voice vote.  The lease between Shields Township and Phoenix Rising food pantry is rent free for 10 years.