Let's Talk Garbage

The community meeting to discuss the next step will be Tuesday, February 12 at 6:30 pm at the Shields Township community room. Please let all interested parties know about this important meeting.  Here's some preliminary information.

Most hauling contracts are at least 5 years in length to allow the hauler enough time to recoup the costs for the refuse and recycling carts, and to avoid the inconvenience of changing hauler too often.  Our target is to begin with a single hauler sometime next fall after the landscape waste season.  At this time, the contract will cover single family homes and dwellings with 4 or fewer units.  No commercial properties.

Standard provisions will likely include 1x per week collection at the curb in a 95 gallon cart, owned and maintained by the hauler.  The contract may include the following:

-one bulky item per week

-unlimited refuse pick up

-different cart sizes

-appliance collection at the curb

-back door collection option

-vacation stop

Recycling will be included with all subscriptions on the same day as refuse pick up.  A 65 gallon cart owned and maintained by the hauler included. Other considerations may include:

-electronics recycling at the curb or recycle dumpster at the township once/twice a year.

Landscape waste services will also be 1x per week, typically 8 months of the year, April 1-November 30.  Christmas tree collection may be included for a 2-3 week period in January.  Options may include:

-bagging leaves vs. vaccuum system

-allow food scraps to be commingled with landscape waste during that 8 month collection cycle.

Other provisions may include a senior discount of 10%,  year round pricing for landscape materials, inclusion of flood related services, include spring and fall clean up in pricing.  We look forward to hearing community input at the Feb meeting.  Please join in!