Refuse Referendum approved to go to vote in November

On November 6, 2018, a referendum for the unincorporated area of Shields Township will be on the ballot. If approved, the referendum will allow Shields Township to contract for refuse services for the unincorporated areas.

The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) will assist the Township in negotiation of the contract ( with multiple vendors.  The contract will require the refuse collection service to directly bill the resident.  There will be no changes to the tax levy for the unincorporated area.

The benefit of contracted services for the unincorporated areas is lower prices with additional services, such as recycling for all residents. Townships recently contracting services include Warren, Lake Villa and Ela. Fremont and Avon Townships will also go to referendum for refuse services.

The following table shows contracting cost benefits:


Garbage and Recycling                                                                            Landscape Yard Waste*

Township            95 Gallon            65 Gallon            35 Gallon            Subscription            Sticker

Warren                $ 19.64                $16.90                 $ 14.52                $ 87.04                     $ 2.03

Lake Villa             $ 19.87                $16.89                  --                         $ 62.09                     $ 2.18

Ela                        $ 25.65                $23.34                  --                          $ 52.64                     $ 3.39

Lake Bluff            $ 18.50


Note:  Senior Citizen rates are not applied to this list.  * Yard waste will not be a mandatory service.

If you have additional questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact Supervisor Darraugh at