Senior Freeze Exemptions File Online

Senior freeze exemptions should be filed online at  smartfile E-Filing portal.  The senior freeze letters will be mailed in the next few weeks from the Chief County Assessment Office at Lake County.  To make sure our Seniors stay safe and healthy we are encouraging you file for the Senior Freeze Exemption from your home computer.  If you need assistance the Chief County Assessor will be hosing Help Centers at the College of Lake county in the University Center.  Please refer to your letter for dates and times and updated possible cancellations/changes due to the pandemic.

You can also go to the Chief County Assessment office at the County Building, 18 N County Street, Waukegan on the 7th floor.  

The Shields Township Assessor's office will be taking appointments for those who are unable to get to the help centers or do not have access to a computer or someone to help them.  Our office will start taking appointments the week of April 27th.  If you have the ability to get to the help centers or have someone help you from home, please do so and allow our office to help the people who are in most need of assistance.

The instructions for filing for the Senior Exemption are as follows:

     -  Go to the Lake County website

     -  Hover over the "Departments" tab near the top of the page

     -  Click on "Chief County Assessment Office" 

     -  Click on the "SmartFile E-Filing Portal" near the center of the page

     -  The "SmartFile E-Filing Partal" will open up a new tab or window

     -  Create an account or log in if you have previously created an account

     -  Click on the exemption you are applying for and begin filing

     -  Follow the prompts on the screen and answer the questions accordingly. Red asterisk means it is required

     -  Once each page is completed, click "next"

     -  Upload required documents (ID. trust documentation, proof of disability etc.)

     -  Submit

Congratulations, you did it!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 847-234-3485 and leave a message.  We will make upmost effort to return communication within 24 hours.

Scott Helton

Shields Township Assessor