Trucks and asphalt roads are not friends

Did you know that the damage done from one fully loaded garbage truck is equilvalent to 9646 cars? 

The damaging effect of the passage of an axle of any load can be represented by a number of 18,000 pound equivalent single axle load.  The load damage factor increases as a function of the ratio of any given axle load raised to the fourth power.  For example, one application of 20,000 pound single axle load is slightly less than eigth times as damaging as a 12,000 pound single axle load. 

For our example, we will use a passenger car with a total of 3,800 pounds or 1,900 pounds per axle.  The trash truck will be loaded to the maximum weight without needing a permit or 48,000 pounds.  Typically the maximum load on the steering axle will be 12,000 pounds and the remaining 36,000 pounds will be evenly distributed on the other two axles. 

In this example, the damage done by the truck is equivalent to 9646 cars.  There's actually an exponential, not linear relationship between a vehicle's weight and it's impact on the asphalt. 

That is one of the important reasons that we are pursuing one refuse hauler.  It will be very helpful in maintaining the road of Shields Township for the future.   To read more detail and see the math see attachment.  Garbage Truck Weight & Road Pavement Damage.pdf