Unincorporated Road Services

The unincorporated areas of Shields Township include 9.3 miles of roadway in:

  • Arden Shores North and South — Located north of Route 176 and east of Green Bay Road.
  • Knollwood — Located between Route 176 on the south, Atkinson Road on the north, Route 41 on the east, and Bayonne Avenue on the west. The portion of Knollwood west of Bayonne Avenue is in Libertyville Township.

Contacting the Highway Department

 Please call: 847-234-0802 and ask for Supervisor Heather Kerr 

Road maintenance

The Department provides a variety of services as part of local road maintenance, including snowplowing, crack sealing and repaving of roads, care of drainage ditches, general repair of right-of-ways, and signage repair and replacement.

Ditches and storm sewers

Dumping into the ditches and storm sewers is not permitted. If residents should see anyone dumping anything into ditches or storm sewers in the unincorporated areas, please call Supervisor Heather Kerr at 847-234-0802.

Permits required for right-of-way work

For any work done on or near the road right-of-way, including but not limited to drainage, driveway grading, and culvert repair, a JULIE locater markup is required (phone 811), and a permit and bond MUST be obtained from the Shields Township Supervisor's Office. Please call the office for details.


Shields Township is responsible for plowing the unincorporated roads. Please help us do our job effectively! Remove your vehicles from roadways when snow begins to fall so that snowplows can work. Vehicles remaining on the roadway may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Street lights

To report non-illuminated or damaged streetlights in the unincorporated areas, please phone the office or e-mail us.

Brush pickup

Brush pickup is provided only for branches that fall into the street or right-of-way during a storm from trees located within the right-of-way. Call us to report storm debris in the street or right-of-way. 

Residential brush pickup is included in the LRS garbage contract for Knollwood and Arden Shores North and South. Yard waste must be in paper yard waste bags and branches must be bundled in 3ft length sections. Yard waste stickers are available for sale at the Supervisor's office for $3.00 each.