Update on Refuse Hauling Contract

Hello Neighbors of unincorporated Shields Township.  Three companies bid on our Request for Proposal (RFP) regarding refuse and recycle collections.  They were Groot, Lakeshore Recycling Services and Praireland Disposal.  The following is a short summary of services included in each bid:

5 year contract

Begins on Dec 1, 2019

Once per week collection between the hours of 7 am to 7 pm

95 gallon cart will be provided by the hauler

65 gallon cart will be provided by hauler for recycling.

One bulky item per week (one person can lift into a refuse truck)

Pricing for private collection and curbside white goods collection (appliances)

Landscape Waste service will either provide:

Flat rate subscription for a once per week collection for up to 6 paper bags at the curb April 1-November with stickers for additional bags. One bundle of branches counts as 1 bag.  There will be an option to comingle food scraps into landscape waste.

OR  Purchase individual stickers for bags of landscape materials

OR a six week fall leaf collection program beginning in mid-October and running for a total of six weeks.  The amount of leaves is unlimited under both options.  Price for vacuuming would be included within rate and charged to ALL households whether they used it or not. 

Christmas tree collection for 2 weeks in January

Dumpster at Shields Township recycle rama once per year for electronics

Customers that are age 65 and older will receive a 10% discount

Price to be determined.

If you would like to give feedback please feel free to contact Supervisor Terry Darraugh at t.darraugh@shieldstownship.com or call me at 847-234-0802.  Let's talk trash!